Tuesday 18 Sep 2018

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Education Newsletter September 2018

C’est la Rentrée!

It is difficult to believe that the first month of school has already passed. The Institute team has been working feverishly to put the final details in place for an exciting year of professional development opportunities. Nous espérons que vous serez nombreux à vous inscrire!

Nous sommes extrêmement chanceux à l’Ecolint de voir s’offrir à nous autant d’occasions de formation continue et d’engagement intellectuel. Nous vous invitons à vous régaler des articles basés sur les interventions de l’année scolaire dans le cadre des Symposiums du jeudi après-midi:


The first Symposium this year will be led by Nations’ own Andrew Close.  As discussed recently in the Director General’s address to the Ecolint Foundation staff, Andrew is a researcher who specialist field is on trust between educators. He is currently working on a book about the subject. In this talk, he will (1) examine trust, (2) look at the concepts of trust and trustworthiness in educational settings, (3) explain why our focus should be on trustworthiness rather than trust, and (4) consider some related concepts such as confirmation bias and vulnerability. Practical strategies will be suggested for several situations.

Register here!

Professional Development opportunities / Formation continue*

Institute Offerings 2018-2019


MA International Education and research: Durham, Université de Genève

Microprogramme en philosophie pour les enfants

NEW! Google training

IT classes / Cours d'informatique


NEW! Literacy for Learning

NEW! Mieux connaître la Suisse

NEW! Supporting our Cross Cultural Students and their Transitions

Communauté de recherche philosophique pour adultes (CRP): les mardis et les jeudis

NEW! Assessment Lead (now IB approved)

Assistant Training course/Formation pour les assistants-es de classe (in French and English)

Language classes for staff

NEW!   2019 RIPE Summer Institute:  4th-8th  July 2019
Information and Registrations here

At Ecolint’s last Education Conference, Tracey Tokuhama-Espinosa spoke of the teacher as scientist and André Tricot of the teacher as engineer. What unites their thinking is the notion that research in education and other disciplines should inform pedagogical practice. The reverse is equally true; the wisdom and experience of practitioners should shape the work of researchers. It is exciting to realize how many of us recognize the importance of bringing together researchers and classroom practitioners, as well as how enriching the exchange is for all involved  The aim of this Summer Institute is to develop a space for that dialogue to continue as well as effective mechanisms to support research action in schools.

  • Two Days  of parallel sessions on research methods in International Education offered in French and English:
    - Oakleigh Welply, Assistant Professor, Durham University School of Education
    - Abdeljalil Akkari, Professeur ordinaire en dimensions internationales de l’éducation, Faculté de Psychologie et de Sciences de l’éducation (FPSE), Université de Genève; Co-responsable de l'unité PEG-EI (Politique, Économie, Gestion et Éducation Internationale)
    - Thibaut Lauwerier, Maître-Assistant / Collaborateur Scientifique, Université De Genève / FAPSE
  • One-Day Session: What Makes Great Assessment?
    - Stuart Kime, Director Of Education, Evidence Based Education
    - Jack Deverson, Managing Director, Evidence Based Education
  • Presentation: Leading a Research Culture
    - Ahmed Hussain, Senior Director Of Academics, Wellington College China
  • Presentation:  Embedding International Mindedness into the Curriculum: Theory and Practice
    - Karen L. Taylor, Director Of Education, International School Of Geneva
    - Sean Power, Director General Institut Florimont; President, Geneva Association Of Private Schools (AGEP)

Ecolint’s Annual Education Conference

Ecolint’s Annual Education Conference will be held on January 12th 2019 at LGB Centre des arts.
La Conférence annuelle sur l'éducation se tiendra le 12 janvier 2018 au Centre des arts à LGB.

Programme & Registrations/Inscriptions HERE/ICI.

*Please note that the Institute website is a public website; therefore you must create an account before signing up to courses. Thank you for your understanding.

Ecolint - Durham University PGCE (International) 2018-19

A new cohort of PGCE students has begun their year with an introduction to International Education. It is a very promising and delightful group. It is a true pleasure to have them in our midst!

Mentoring a trainee can be a truly inspiring way to reflect on and develop one’s own practice. Please contact us if you wish to take advantage of this opportunity.

Please note that some of the PGCE sessions are open to Ecolint staff and we welcome Ecolint staff to the following workshops given by our Durham University colleagues.

  • David Waugh, Primary Literacy (October 1st - 3rd)
  • Rachel Simpson, Child development (October 9th)
  • Tony Harries, Primary Maths (October 17th-18th )

A two-day PGCE SEN conference will be held on January 29th - 30th, 2019, venue to be confirmed.

If you are interested in attending any of these sessions, please contact Lisa Parker (lisa.parker@ecolint.ch)

2018-2019 Annexe VI

Please click HERE to read the initial reports