Wednesday 07 Dec 2016

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The Yule Blog

The term is winding down but there is still a great deal of creative energy running through the Foundation.

December 5-11 - Hour of Code

All Ecolint schools will be participating in the worldwide Hour of Code.

Coding coach photo

Please check out their website and scroll down through the menu of activities.

Better Together

Planning for disorder / Dec. 8th 4.30 - 6pm Nations 210

Structural devices such as starters and plenaries have been used as tools to create better planned lessons, however like any idea they can become devalued through overuse or prove barriers to learning if implemented badly.

This workshop seeks to explore ways of being creative with lesson planning, reinvigorating old ideas and considering how dis-ordering what might be seen as a conventional lesson can empower students to learn and teachers to become more genuinely student-centred.

Rich Robinson - Assistant Principal Curriculum / Teaching and Learning

How to Learn Math!

A group of teachers from La Châtaigneraie Primary and Nations have created their own professional learning community and together are taking an online course developed by Dr Jo Boaler, a Professor of Mathematics Education at Stanford University, and the founder of It is inspiring to listen to this group of dedicated teachers discuss their practice and the ways in which they can reach out to all their students to nurture a love of mathematics.