EDgility. Being critical about how we do education - in a positive way

Postponed to January - new dates to be confirmed

The multiple lenses of EDgility (e.g. transparency, collaboration, smallifying, slack) give educators a chance to consider the activity of learning and teaching from fresh perspectives. Several of the dozen EDgility practices will be considered by course participants, applied when possible in the participants' educational settings, and discussed (on a volunteer basis) among participants in the following synchronous meeting.

Through personal experimentation and collaborative discussion, we will balance a critical look at the usual way we "do school" and look together for the opportunities available to us to shift our practice toward greater individual agency and - hopefully - more joyful and effective learning and teaching.

A detailed description of the course can be found HERE.


  • Dr. Paul Magnuson (Director of Research, Leysin American School; Instructor, Moreland University and Endicott College)
  • Bill Tihen (Developer, Garaio REM, Bern, former director of the IT Department at Leysin American School)

Themes and Dates

Session 1. Saturday, Oct 9, 11.00-12.00
INTRODUCTION - What educational ruts are we stuck in? How might we pull ourselves out of them? What will you do between now and the end of November to experiment and share?

Session 2. Wed, Oct 20, 19.00-20.00
EXPLORATION - Exploration over fixed content
GROWTH MINDSET - Growth over stasis
COLLABORATION - Working together over competing against

Session 3. Saturday, Oct 30, 11.00-12.00
TRANSPARENCY - Visibility over obscurity
VALUE - Valuable learning over convenient assessments
SMALLIFY - Quick, workable iterations and feedback over big plans

Session 4. Saturday, Nov 6, 11.00-12.00
ADAPTABILITY - Flexibility over rigidity
REDO - Reflection and progress over right and done

Session 5. Wed, Nov 17, 19.00-20.00
TRUST - Self-regulation over teacher control
UPLIFT - Problems as opportunity over problems as problems

Session 6. Saturday, Dec 4, 11.00-12.00
SLACK? CHOICE? FEEDBACK? Your new EDgility practice?

This course is available for Ecolint Staff only

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