GEHOT - Gifted Education and High Order Thinking: Improving Learning Outcomes for Every Students

This course aims to explore the meaning of ‘Gifted and Talented’; is this even a term we should be using? How might we identify such students and, very importantly, how can we support them emotionally?

This 3 module course will cover the following:

  • Module 1 Concepts of giftedness and characteristics of gifted students

    ·       Evolution of the concept and definitions of giftedness.

    ·       Commonly observed characteristics and behaviours associated with giftedness.

    ·       Recognising the differences between gifted students and high achievers.


    Module 2 Identifying gifted students

    ·       Methods of identification.

    ·       Importance of selecting a combination of identification measures that are inclusive of all students.

    ·       Uses and constraints of some identification measures


    Module 3 Caring as thinking

    ·       Social and emotional characteristics and vulnerabilities associated with giftedness.

    ·       Affective characteristics and their impact on cognitive advancement.

    ·       Affective learning needs specific to areas of vulnerability.

    ·       Learning activities to meet the affective learning needs of gifted students.

This course is available for Ecolint Staff only

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