The Multilingual Learner: Theory to Practice

This course has been developed for non-language specialists in both primary and secondary schools!

Multilingual learners are the majority in most international school classrooms, and bring with them unique experiences and challenges for teaching and learning. This modular professional development course is designed to centre the multilingual learner through investigation of theory, research, and practice. Each module will begin with a review of current research on the theme, and be followed by reflection and application through a tutorial process. Themes will include instructed second language acquisition (ISLA), theories of bilingualism, bilingual and multilingual approaches in curriculum design, translanguaging (theories and pedagogies), literacy development and assessment.

Participants will develop a deep understanding of the multilingual learner, and the ability to apply this understanding to the development of appropriate curricula and pedagogy to create a holistic, inclusive environment for our multilingual learners. 

The course will run from January-June 2021 and from October 2021-January 2022.
One one-hour thirty-minute session per month plus one hour tutorial.  Non-writing intensive. 

Registration deadline: 18th December, 2020

Please note that the time and day mentioned in the registration form are tentative. 

This course is available for Ecolint Staff only

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