Supporting our Cross Cultural Students and their Transitions - Session 1 (WHY)

Mobility across cultures can be an tremendously enriching experience if the transitions are managed well. In an international school mobility affects all of us: the leavers, the arrivers, and the stayers. How can we, as an international school, minimise the impact of transition on learning and build a transition programme that can benefit our entire school community?

This course explores the effect of transition on the international school community, including pupils, staff, and parents. It looks at the unique challenges that 'cross-cultural kids' and 'third culture kids' face and helps us understand how we can help them thrive through their transitions. 

Valérie Besanceney is a Year 3 teacher at Ecolint La Châtaigneraie Campus (Primary school) and the author of a children's book, B at Home: Emma Moves Again, and a workbook for children who are moving, My Moving Booklet.

Session 1 (WHY):
Dates: Wed, November 14, 2018
Time: 13:30-16:30

- reasons behind the need for transition support in international schools
- attachment theory and neuroscience
- transitions versus change
- Cross Cultural Kid (CCK) students
- transitions affects the CCK’s identity
- mobility affects our students’s learning

It is well advised to register to session 2 as well (this link for more information).

This course is available for Ecolint Staff only

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