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Symposium - Concept based curriculum and Instruction; a vehicle for lasting understanding

Les Symposiums de l'Ecolint ont lieu tout au long de l'année. Ils débutent par l'exposé de l'intervenant du jour et se poursuit par un apéritif. Ce moment convivial, passé à discuter de pédagogie, est tout aussi important que la présentation. Il s'inscrit dans une tradition chère à l'Ecolint, celle de l'échange ouvert et de la volonté constante d'apprendre.

Ecolint Symposiums take place throughout the year. They begin with a presentation by the speaker of the day and are followed by an apéritif. The sociable moment we spend together discussing pedagogy is as important as the talk itself and contributes to Ecolint’s tradition of open exchange and spirit of lifelong learning.

Students simply cannot remember all that they study in school, so what are the big ideas they can grasp that will be useful to them when they leave our classrooms? Understanding how facts and information hang together under wider concepts and how these concepts are related, not only secures planning for cohesive learning experiences but creates an environment for students to make their own, longer lasting connections between facts and concepts. Here we will explore a flash introduction to Concept Based Curriculum and Instruction - What it is and Why it is valuable.

Discussion: Are teachers actually thinking and planning curriculum and learning experiences that lead to conceptual learning and thinking? Is the concept based curriculum in school documentation manifest as such in the classroom experience of our students? or are we teaching mile wide inch deep?


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