The Ecolint Professional Practice Certificate provides an immersive teacher development programme that focuses on learning and teaching in culturally, linguistically, and neurodiverse student populations. 

The Ecolint Professional Practice Certificate is offered and delivered  by the International School of Geneva (Ecolint) in collaboration with your school or school group.

Who is it for?

This programme offers an ideal teacher development pathway for those who are already working in a pedagogical role in linguistically and culturally diverse educational settings and wish to explore the nuances of working in an international education.

Course overview

Learning outcomes:

  • Reflect on your classroom practice and consider the pedagogy of teaching - how teachers teach and why
  • Engage with academic research and apply what you learn in your classroom, school or wider community
  • Complement your local curriculum knowledge and experience with international curricula and teaching methodologies
  • Acquire the knowledge and skills needed to enhance your career in international education

The Professional Practice Certificate is delivered in two complimentary parts:

1. Professional Practice Module

Led by professional teacher trainers, the module explores pedagogical approaches  of teaching focused on learning and teaching in culturally, linguistically, and neurodiverse student populations. 

The module is a blend of asynchronous and synchronous content delivered through seminars, educational research, peer led feedback sessions and an online community of practice. It can be offered fully online or through a hybrid model, depending on your school’s preferences.

2. Reflective Classroom Practice

Completed on-site in your school, participants complete periods of reflective classroom practice throughout the academic year. Each participant will be supported by a mentor teacher from your school and the Ecolint Teacher Trainers who will provide 1-1 support and coaching. 

Participants produce working documentation containing lesson plans, personal reflections and feedback from mentors and Ecolint teacher trainers. This evidence forms the basis of their reflective Professional Practice Portfolio. 

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This course can be offered for groups of 4 or more participants at your school. Following an initial meeting with members of the Institute team, a proposal will be prepared that is tailored to your school's needs. 

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