The Multilingual Learner: Theory to Practice (2022-2023)

This course has been developed for non-language specialists in both primary and secondary schools!

This year the Institute is offering a new and exciting opportunity for non-language specialists to hone their skills in teaching multilingual learners through investigation of theory, research, and practice. It is open to both primary and secondary teachers.

This two-term, practice-based course will be taught by Eowyn Crisfield, Senior Lecturer in TESOL at Oxford Brookes University and expert in bilingualism, in a structure we have developed with Oxford Brookes University.

A seminar will take place once per month for one hour and a half with additional (1 hour per month) small group work with a tutor. The course is not writing intensive although you will be asked to produce short, focused reflections on course content.

Themes will include instructed second language acquisition (ISLA), theories of bilingualism, bilingual and multilingual approaches in curriculum design, translanguaging (theories and pedagogies), literacy development and assessment.

Participants will develop a deep understanding of the multilingual learner, and the ability to apply this understanding to the development of appropriate curricula and pedagogy to create a holistic, inclusive environment for our multilingual learners.

Term 1 (14th January to June, 2022) focuses on theory. 14th January will take place in person.
Term 2 (October 2022 to January 2023 - dates TBD) provides support for you to embed translanguaging practices into your classroom.

IMPORTANT: For registered participants: the Moodle link is in the Admin tab, at the bottom of the page. 

Registration deadline: 17th December, 2021

Ce cours est réservé au personnel de l'Ecolint

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