Our Partners

Academic collaboration
The Ecolint Institute of Learning and Teaching puts innovation, research and the sharing of knowledge at the heart of its pedagogical mission. The Institute has always collaborated in this vein with renowned universities in order to develop cutting edge training courses.

Other partners
The Institute has also created various synergies and established close ties with other educational organisations, such as the Institut de Formation Pédagogique (IFP) and the Swiss Group of international School (SGIS)


Durham University, UK

Founded in 1832, Durham University is the third oldest University in England. It counts over 15,000 students, spread across 30 academic departments.

A recent Sunday Times study classified Durham as one of the top 5 universities in the UK.

Durham University’s School of Education, with whom Ecolint collaborates closely, is one of the leaders in its field in the UK. Through the study of the key themes in the area of pedagogy, the school of education promotes excellence in research and teaching on an international scale.

Visit the website of Durham University.

University of Geneva (Switzerland)

Founded in 1559 by Jean Calvin, the University of Geneva is today one of the top twenty research universities in Europe.

It includes 10 faculties, thirteen different centres and institutes, and in 2015 counted over 28,000 students and participants in ongoing education.

The University of Geneva created, in association with the Graduate Institute, the centre for Education, Training and Research in Humanitarian Action in Geneva.

This institution enjoys a distinguished international reputation, and is known for its intellectual capital, its humanist tradition and its excellent standards in research and teaching.

Visit the website of the University of Geneva.

Laval University, Québec

Created in 1852, Laval University was the very first French speaking university in America. In 2015 it counted over 60,000 students.

Laval University is composed of over 60 departments, schools and institutes.

Open-minded in nature and animated by a culture of excellence, Laval University contributes to the development of society through the education of competent, responsible people who promote change and advancement and though the sharing of knowledge in a dynamic environment of research and creativity.

Visit the website of Laval University.

Evidence Based Education, Durham, UK

Evidence Based Education combine years of experience in teaching and school leadership, in conducting research into educational leadership and evaluation, and in policy advice to the UK Government’s Department for Education. 

They are pioneers in training teachers and school leaders to use research and evaluation to improve attainment, reduce costs, and support teacher development. They are the approved provider for training teachers to use CEM assessment data well.

Evidence Based Education work with teams of teachers and school leaders to develop and deliver sustained, evidence-based training and support in key areas of education.

Visit the website of Evidence Based Education

Swiss Group of International Schools (SGIS)

The Swiss Group of International Schools (SGIS) is a non-profit organisation who promotes closer links among teachers, administrators, and students of its member schools and serves as a focal point and network platform. They provide professional development opportunities and also represent the concerns of international schools in Switzerland to local and federal authorities.


Visit the website of the SGIS.