The Institute of Learning and Teaching was created in 2010 by the International School of Geneva (Ecolint). It offers professional training and pedagogy-related events to Ecolint staff and to the public. The pedagogical mission of the Institute is focused on the following goals:

Encouraging continuing professional education within the school community.

Publicly sharing Ecolint's expertise in international education, where we have been a pioneer since 1924.

Promoting the concept of education for peace, a fundamental concept at Ecolint.

Fostering pedagogical innovation and disseminating the results of research in the field of education.

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The Institute’s Blog 

Dr Karen Taylor, Director of education at the International School of Geneva, writes and curates a blog about pedagogical training and innovation.

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23/01/2019 | Newsletters
(Fraefel, 2014 ) Conférence sur l’éducation : Une belle édition 2019 ! Nous avons ouvert l’année 2019 avec notre Conférence annuelle sur l'éducation “Une pratique pédagogique étayée par la recherche”. Reflecting the geographical and intellectual... Read more
18/09/2018 | Newsletters
C’est la Rentrée! It is difficult to believe that the first month of school has already passed. The Institute team has been working feverishly to put the final details in place for an exciting year of professional development opportunities. Nous... Read more
05/07/2018 | Events
Version française ci-après It was hot and sunny on the 30th of June, the day of our first RIPE Conference (Research Informed Practice in Education). More than forty participants representing private and public schools as well as universities from... Read more