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The Institute of Learning and Teaching was created in 2010 by the International School of Geneva (Ecolint). It offers professional training and pedagogy-related events to Ecolint staff and to the public. The pedagogical mission of the Institute is focused on the following goals:

Encouraging continuing professional education within the school community.

Publicly sharing Ecolint's expertise in international education, where we have been a pioneer since 1924.

Promoting the concept of education for peace, a fundamental concept at Ecolint.

Fostering pedagogical innovation and disseminating the results of research in the field of education.

The institute also publishes a research journal and a blog.

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Our Flagship Courses

The most high profile of the courses organized by the Institute are those leading to post graduate qualifications, and are offered in association with our partner educational establishments: Durham University (UK), Laval University (Quebec), the University of Geneva and other institutions of higher education.

The Institute’s Blog 

Dr Karen Taylor, Director of education at the International School of Geneva, writes and curates a blog about pedagogical training and innovation.

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29/05/2018 | Newsletters
April showers bring May flowers that bloom in June… Institute Seminars Il est difficile de croire que nous sommes déjà arrivés à la fin de l’année scolaire 2017-2018. Tout au long de l’année, les enseignants de l’Ecolint ont partagé leurs expertises... Read more
21/03/2018 | Events
Spring is in the air… Bit by bit the days grow longer and the light changes. Spring brings with it renewed energy and enthusiasm. Yet even in these last days of winter, there has been a burst of inspiring events that push us to reflect deeply on our... Read more
02/03/2018 | Events
It may be winter outside but we have been enjoying a springtime of ideas at the Institute’s Thursday Afternoon Symposium! 1) "Passeurs de l’expérience” Le 22 février, Sophie Pinazo de l’université Aix-Marseille nous a offert un Symposium sur l’... Read more