Ecolint Institute in conversation with Coconut Thinking 

Monday 13 May, 12:30 - 13:30 CET

Free webinar in English presented by Charlotte Hankin, Co-Founder at Coconut Thinking and Jan Dijkstra, Ecolint Sustainability Lead

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Join us for a highly interactive conversation between Charlotte Hankin, Co-Founder at Coconut Thinking and Jan Dijkstra, Ecolint Sustainability Lead, to re-consider and re-imagine how we are forming and nurturing relationships with/in more-than-human world/s. How might we move from linear, cause and effect approaches towards more generative, hopeful narratives that are co-created by the many, and not just the few? This is a complex proposition and a critical one for us all to support how we educate for sustainability in our educational organisations. 

Participants can expect insights, provocations and discussions to help us question and contemplate different ways in which we might embed practices of care, collaboration and creativity to help us all address issues such as climate change, climate anxiety, biodiversity loss, species extinction and more.

About the Facilitators 

Charlotte Hankin

Charlotte is co-founder of Coconut Thinking and an international educator with over twenty two years’ experience in a variety of roles including teacher, leader, school-to-school consultant and education policy advisor for the UK government, working in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Thailand and Bali. Currently, Charlotte is working at the nexus of theory and practice, pursuing her PhD in Sustainability Education with Bath University, exploring animal-child relationships in international schools. Recognising the entangled, intra-connected and enmeshed materiality of the world, Charlotte believes that educational ecosystems should cultivate closer relationships between/in/with the natural world to leverage all of our vibrant, collective capacities to not just sustain, but regenerate life. Charlotte researches with/in the field of post humanist education and regularly speaks, reads and writes about issues including multispecies flourishing, education for sustainability, regenerative practices, and emergent learning.

Jan Dijkstra

Prior to his current role as the Ecolint Sustainability Lead, Jan was a teacher of mathematics and Theory of Knowledge at Ecolint's La Châtaigneraie campus, where he was also the sustainability coordinator. Jan has degrees in Civil Engineering (water management), philosophy and mathematics education from the universities of Delft, Groningen and Eindhoven. Jan brings vision, passion and creative thinking to his role and is focused on building the Foundation’s approach to sustainable development and coordinating this work across Ecolint.

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