Tuesday 12 May 2020

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RIPE Think Tank

There is general agreement that, despite progress in recent years, current research on international education has significant gaps that need to be addressed. Through the RIPE network, we can establish international schools as sites of research. 

While acknowledging that school-based research is highly contextualized, the results of robust research projects, even on a small scale, can serve as a stimulus to schools in other geographical regions and cultural contexts. 

Three general areas for consideration emerged in the course of the conversation at the last Think Tank meeting in April.

1. Academic and Professional Learning Pathways

The aims and purpose of research will depend, in part, on the stage of development that is the focus of individual institutions : pre-service teachers, in-service professional learning, MA research, EdD or PhD research, established scholars. 

2. Areas of research

  • Intercultural learning and pedagogy(ies) 
  • Bilingual/Plurilingual education and pedagogical practice (e.g. translanguaging, literacy across the curriculum, etc.)
  • Relationship between national and international curricular frameworks
  • Concepts of globalisation (areas of focus could include identity, privilege, access to education, ethics of education, etc.)
  • Culturally and linguistically responsive pedagogy

3. Possible mechanisms for exchange via the network

  • Membership
  • Structure and governance (Executive Committee, Editorial Board, etc.)
  • Common or linked platforms for the sharing of research projects, methodology and results
  • Develop more robust links with universities

4. Outcomes

Develop and disseminate online modules on research methodology that could be shared across the network. This and other modules could be part of a certification programme or an à la carte MA degree. Certifying body to be determined.

Each hub or individual institution could promote and support research pertinent to their needs, the results of which could be shared via multiple online platforms for school-based research (e.g. lesson studies) and, for advanced research, through peer-reviewed e-publications. For the latter, we will require an editorial board and a recognized site to house publications. The International School of Geneva can offer a site for the posting of school-based research through the Institute of Learning and Teaching website. The school is also open to creating a collaborative site curated by a committee drawing from member schools. 

For academic publications we will require the support of one of the universities involved in the project.