Introduction to Positive Peer Coaching

The quality of our professional relationships impacts our wellbeing and effectiveness every day. What if you and your colleagues interacted with each other in ways that build wellbeing, energy, performance, and teamwork through daily conversations? In this program, we'll introduce a peer coaching methodology that does exactly that.

This research-backed coaching approach equips teaching and non-teaching staff members with evidence-based positive psychology coaching skills they can use to support colleagues in 1:1 conversations, through group coaching sessions, and during regular meetings.

The methodology enables participants to bring a Strengths-Based, Solutions-Focused lens to everyday conversations. It also prepares them to notice, name, and build upon their conversation partners’ Positive Psychological Capital (Hope, Efficacy, Resilience, and Optimism). Studies have shown that when we interact with each other in these ways, wellbeing, energy, performance, and teamwork improve.

These workshops are very practical and interactive, and participants will engage in peer coaching practice during each session.

Topics/ Keywords

Positive Peer Coaching, Positive Psychology, Solutions focused conversations

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop Positive Peer Coaching skills through practice
  • Discover your strengths and learn to spot strengths in others
  • Build personal and organizational Positive Psychological Capital
  • Help yourself and others focus more on solutions than problems


Session 1: Wednesday 8th November - 16.00 - 18.00 CET

Getting Started with Positive Peer Coaching

  • Deepen your awareness of how a peer coaching culture supports wellbeing and engagement
  • Explore the core competencies that distinguish coaching from other support modalities
  • Experience the benefits of peer coaching firsthand by practicing with evidence-based techniques
Session 2: Wednesday 15th November - 16.00 - 18.00 CET

Exploring Your Strengths Profile

  • Feel more confident and positive about yourself
  • Use your strengths to achieve what matters most
  • Affirm and optimize your known strengths
  • Discover and activate your hidden talents
  • Stop doing so much of what drains your energy
Session 3: Wednesday 22nd November - 16.00 - 18.00 CET

Building Your Positive Psychological Capital

  • Develop a working understanding of the Psychological Capital HERO framework
  • Explore ways to apply and model a PsyCap-based mindset as a teacher or leader
  • Coach each other to apply PsyCap principles in designing adaptive personal or professional goals
Session 4: Wednesday 29th November - 16.00 - 18.00 CET

Solution-Focused Communication & Collaboration

  • Experience first-hand the benefits of focusing more on solutions than problems
  • Explore the neuroscience of solution-focused communication and collaboration
  • Practice coaching each other using a simple Solution-Focused Conversation Framework

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A link to the online meeting room will be shared with all participants via email at least one week prior to the start date.

About the Facilitator

Kristin Lowe is an Organizational Development Consultant and ICF-Accredited Coach Trainer/Mentor. She helps international and independent schools strengthen staff wellbeing, energy, and teamwork through Positive Peer Coach training and strengths-based, solution-focused professional development programs. 

Kristin is the founder of Solros Development Group and the Positivity Playground, a global peer coaching network supporting adult wellbeing in international schools around the world.


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